Trysil fishing centre

From June to October, Trysil Hyttegrend is the fishing centre of Trysil. In addition to the well-known Trysilelva, more than 70 rivers and lakes including salmon, trout and pike can be found around us. The many lakes and streams are beautiful in nature and it is often so quiet that you can hear your blood steaming in your ears. Especially the fly fishing is very popular. You can get a fishing license for the whole Trysil fishing area at us. Trysil Hyttegrend is situated on approximately 300 metres river where you can immediately catch your first fish. Would you like to go a little further up the river? In that case we have boats ready for you. Our fishing guides are at your service. Once a week we organise a fish-café where you can chat with a fishing guide about the best fishing areas and flies.

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