Prices are in Norwegian Krone

We also rent cottages for longer periods. This price depends on the length and the period that you want to rent. For more information, please contact us directly.

May to november
Price per night    
   Starting from
Cabin 2 people 975 shower/toilet
Cabin 4 people 1275 shower/toilet
Cabin 6 people 1725 shower/toilet
Campinghytte 750
1 person room 700 shared bathroom
2 person room 725 shared bathroom
Family 4 beds 995 shared bathroom
House 18 people  6125 (1)


WINTER 2023-2024
december to april (2)
 Price per night    
Starting from
Cabin 2 people 975
Cabin 4 people 1275
Cabin 6 people 1725
1 person room 700
2 person room 725
House 18 people 6125 (1)

(1) We give you a discount if you rent the family house for several nights. Please contact us.
(2) The price in the winter depends on the week in which you want to come. Look for the exact price at Online reservation or contact us directly.

Bed linen+ 2 towels 140 p.p. (is mandatory, but you can also bring your own)
Final cleaning 2 people 400 (you can also do it yourself)
Final cleaning 4 people 500 (you can also do it yourself)
Final cleaning 6 people 600 (you can also do it yourself)
Bag of wood 130
Washing machine 50
Wood-fired sauna 475 (including heating and wood)
Outdoor place at River 2.000 (incl. use of toilet)
Grill hut 1.500 (free to use for renting cottage/room)
Party, group space 2.000 (e.g. meeting, birthday, eating together)


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