With children

Trysil Hyttegrend is a place where children can go out on adventure. Play on the grass, between the trees or in the playground, building dams or fishing in the stream or river or watch where the small pathways come out in the park. Keep an eye on the little ones, we are located on the water! In the evening you can make a camp fire at the river and grill delicious sausages  (and maybe marshmallows..).

If we ask our children, these are their favourite activities outside the park:-Trysil Mountain Bike Arena;-climb to a top of the ‘ Top-10 ‘;-looking for a small lake for fishing;

-canoeing and rafting on the river;-hiking to a fireplace, fires and grilling sausages;-skating (winter) or roller skates (summer) in the Center;-to the swimming pool and bowling (Radison Hotel);- watching lambs at Vestgarn (and the parents drink tasty cappuccino there); -a cross country trip to Skorkoia for chocolate and fresh waffles;-and preferably every day skiing!

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